Sol Abstract No. 3

Sol Abstract No. 3

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Mid Century inspired layout crafted from up-cycled materials in our Brooklyn NY studio. Hand made tassels. High quality metal zipper closure for durability. Pillow insert not included. 

Colors include: Ginger, Pink, Creme

Professional dry cleaning recommended if laundering required

Pillow cover hand crafted in Brooklyn NY


Project No. 6:

Reduce textile waste and pollution:

All products in this series are composed entirely of in house liability materials, or locally sourced dead stock. The objective of Project No. 6 is to focus on what we refer to as ‘designing with purpose’ in an effort to reduce textile waste. Rather than the industry norm of storing excessive quantities of over stock raw materials every season, this project utilizes only raw materials that have already been produced down to the lining and zipper. This practice not only reduces textile waste, but also pollution and water waste. Our team has to design smarter to create these beautiful limited run or one of a kind products. 


Quality in relation to sustainability:

Sustainability is not as simple as eco conscious material sourcing. Although an important aspect, the most eco friendly materials poorly executed into a product that isn’t built to last, is not sustainable. Hand crafting a quality product that can be cherished for years to come reduces textile waste in our landfills. This initiative is reflected from quality craftsmanship to durable metal zippers.


Smarter packaging:

This effort of up-cycling extends into our packaging. The industry standard of shipping products in plastic flat pack bags will hopefully be a thing of the past very soon. With the objective of Project No. 6 focusing on reduction of textile waste by designing with purpose, our team chose to extend beyond our recycled paper packaging. All products from Project No. 6 are packaged in a tote shopper or dust bag, hand crafted in our Brooklyn studio, utilizing up-cycled materials. Our expectation is that this unique packaging initiative will allow customers to repurpose these dust bags and shopper totes.